Thursday, January 7, 2010


Reggae originated in Jamacia! Heres some Facts about it:

Official Name: Jamaica
Capital City:Kingston
Size:4,411 square miles. Slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut in the U.S.
Length:146 miles
Width: 22-51 miles
Population: 2,605,800 (July 2000 estimate).
Population of a few selected cities:Kingston, 800,000; Montego Bay, 82,000; Mandeville, 13,681; Port Antonio, 10,426; Ocho Rios, 5,851; Negril, 1,166
Annual population growth rate:0.46%
Average Temperature: 82° F
Climate: Tropical. Hot, Humid, temperate interior.
Average Rainfall:78 inches annually
Population: 2.6 million (July 2000 estimate).


Ethnic Groups:Black (90.9%), mixed (7.3%), East Indian (1.3%), white (0.2%), Chinese (0.2%)

Natural Resources: Bauxite, gypsum and limestone.

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